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Customer Reviews
Opinion of Ealyza about
Maternity Long Pants - Working Khaki (S~XXL)
Very comfortable & thanks for the fast delivery

Opinion of Lynn about
Maternity Blouse - Long Chest Flora Stripe Blue
Blue is awesome

Opinion of Rena about
Maternity Blouse - Long Chest Flora Stripe Blue
Nice blouse! I love the fabric. Ringan, tak jarang n tak panas. Cute wear with jeans or leggings. Sopan, tutup punggung. Hee. Nice one!

Opinion of Peshal about
Maternity Long Pants - Working Khaki (S~XXL)
Just got the item and its nice :)

Opinion of Pei about
Nursing Dress - Cute Cat Stripe Grey
A very cute and casual dress

Opinion of Pei about
Nursing Dress - Chiffon Line Black
It's beautiful. Doesn't look like nursing dress at all. Need to lift up the first layer for nursing.

Opinion of Sugar about
Long Pants - Working Trumpet Black
Nice... comfortable and fast delivery

Opinion of Sandra about
T Nursing Bra - Quality Stripe Purple
Very comfortable!

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All the while, I have been seeking for good quality and trendy fashion for all pretty moms while I am take caring my 4 babies. As a mom of 4 kids, I have been gone through 4 times pregnancy/postnatal. I couldn't say I have lot of experience on take caring babies and nursing. What I can do here is to share those products which could help the pretty moms for easy breast feeding, to be a trendy moms to be, also for your lovely babies. 

Moms are always the greatest person in the world. It is not easy to be a mom. And sometimes, we may have gone through many difficulties during pregnancy. Let's clap your hands for being moms and being the most beautiful moms! For those husbands who are reading this message, DO love your wife more and give a big hug for them always as you couldn't image how pain is it during give birth.

Wishes you all enjoy e-shopping @ Happy Pregnancy and Happy Postnatal Period! 

If you have any question on the products, just let me know by email Please forgive me if I couldn't reply on time within 24 hours and just send a little reminder if you don't mind.


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